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Multi-core High Pressure Hose Price List

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Multi-core High Pressure Hose Price List:(Guide:IntroductionModelPriceFactoryFAQs

Multi-core High Pressure Hose

Multi-core High Pressure Hose Introduction:

Multi-core high-pressure hose is useful in construction machinery manufacturing and repair plants, batik printing plants, hydrogen plants, micro-motor factories, wax making, candle making factories, and other scenes, involving common non-ferrous metal mining; Modified vehicle manufacturing; Manufacture of special equipment for agricultural and sideline food processing; Wood furniture manufacturing; And so many industries. If the amount of pressure is too large, the joint and the hose are too tight, which can easily lead to local damage to the inner layer of the hose, resulting in cracks, and the high-pressure oil will enter the wire layer directly from the rupture, and then squirt out to the tail of the jacket along the gap between the wires. High pressure wire winding oil pipe (high pressure oil pipe) working temperature: -40℃ ~ 120℃ The inner oil pipe containing the tube core is wound or braided on the winding machine or braiding copper plated steel wire or copper plated steel wire rope. In terms of performance, the high pressure hose has good oil resistance, heat resistance and aging resistance, high pressure and excellent pulse performance. Failure at the rupture: the hose is broken at one or more places, the tear is neat, and other parts are maintained well.

Multi-core High Pressure Hose Model:

Multi-core High Pressure Hose

Multi-core High Pressure Hose Price:

You can consult Hebei Tengshuo company, we will make a reasonable quotation according to your requirements.

Multi-core High Pressure Hose Factory:

Multi-core High Pressure Hose

The company distributes multi-core high pressure hose, coal mine special high pressure hose, high pressure cleaning special hose, snow machine with high pressure hose, blowout preventer high pressure hose, high pressure cloth Marine oil transmission hose, various types of high pressure hose assembly to meet your needs.


Multi-core High Pressure Hose FAQs:

How about the use of rubber pipe pressure?
The working pressure of high pressure rubber hose should pay attention to which high pressure rubber hose is mainly used in the transportation of liquids and gases, and the requirements of high pressure rubber hose are stricter than those of ordinary rubber hose. The so-called high pressure sets this requirement, for the use of high pressure rubber hose characteristics, according to the pressure of the system, to determine the maximum working pressure of high pressure rubber hose. Each high pressure rubber tube has a normal working pressure, and the bursting pressure of the high pressure rubber tube is 3-4 times the maximum working pressure. The more the pressure of the number of steel wire layers and the production of the product is more rigorous, so according to the actual pressure of the system, the maximum working pressure of the high-pressure rubber tube is selected, which can ensure the normal system
What does high pressure hose 10*2 mean?
The high-pressure hose here should refer to the hydraulic hose braided by steel wire, 10*2 refers to the inner diameter of the hose 10MM, and 2 layers of steel wire braided.

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