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Air Conditioning Hose Pressure Test Standard

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Air Conditioning Hose

Air Conditioning Hose Introduction:

Automotive air conditioning high-pressure hose hose in waterproof cloth factory (paint cloth, rubber cloth), gem bearing factory, huilu rock factory, amylase factory, national musical instrument factory, etc., are useful to the scene, involving gems, jade selection; Silver smelting; Convenience food manufacturing; Musical instrument manufacturing; And so many industries. Failure at the rupture: the hose is broken at one or more places, the tear is neat, and other parts are maintained well. In order to prevent coal dust pollution and improve production safety in the process of underground coal mining, the variety of coal pipe has been increased, such as coal seam water exploration and sealing hole expansion pipe, which is used for coal seam water injection, grouting and other operations before fully mechanized mining. The inner and outer layers of the high pressure hose wall are oil-resistant rubber, and the middle is (2 to 4 layers) cross-braided steel wire or wound steel wire. The higher the temperature of the oil, the easier the rubber is to age, the worse the elasticity, the lower the strength and sealing performance, and the hose will soon burst. High pressure hose, flexible pipe that can withstand high pressure. Widely used in industrial production, life.

Air Conditioning Hose Model:

Air Conditioning Hose

Air Conditioning Hose Price:

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Air Conditioning Hose Factory:

Air Conditioning Hose

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Air Conditioning Hose FAQs:

Old pressure pump air hose?
Pure seamless pipe is through the use of iron column directly out, the pipe body has no welding rib, it is smooth. The fake seamless pipe is also seamless, which is treated by using a welded pipe, and the surface has one or two welding ribs. Even after treatment, but it is also surface treatment, few people pay attention to the inner wall of the tube, in fact, the treatment of the inner wall is very good to determine whether the tube is seamless or seamless.