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High Pressure Silicone Hose Specifications

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High Pressure Silicone Hose Specifications:(Guide:IntroductionModelPriceFactoryFAQs

High Pressure Silicone Hose

High Pressure Silicone Hose Introduction:

High pressure silicone tube is useful in curtain fabric factory, freezing factory (including cold storage), motor (motor) manufacturing repair factory, model, mold factory (wood, plastic), window screen factory, etc., involving generator and generator set manufacturing; Special equipment repair; Electronic equipment manufacturing; Electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing not listed; And so many industries. Hose layout should be as far away from the performance of the engine exhaust pipe as possible to avoid heat sources. If necessary, devices such as bushing or protective screen can be used to prevent the hose from deteriorating due to heat. Some special high pressure hoses, in order to meet user requirements, have smooth appearance, small bending radius, wear resistance, easy bending, easy installation, resistance to many chemical corrosion, smooth inner wall, small resistance, fluid flow, the minimum burst pressure of various hoses is 3 times the working pressure, temperature resistance -40°~+120°. Failure at the rupture: the hose is broken at one or more places, the tear is neat, and other parts are maintained well. The inner rubber layer has the effect of making the conveying medium withstand pressure and protecting the steel wire from erosion, the outer rubber layer protects the steel wire from damage, and the steel wire (Phi 0.3-2.0 reinforcement layer) layer is the skeleton material to enhance the effect. In short, the manufacture of high-pressure tubing uses more equipment, more types of raw materials, and the production process is complex.

High Pressure Silicone Hose Model:

High Pressure Silicone Hose

High Pressure Silicone Hose Price:

You can consult Hebei Tengshuo company, we will make a reasonable quotation according to your requirements.

High Pressure Silicone Hose Factory:

High Pressure Silicone Hose

The company produces high pressure silicone tube, the main liquid inlet high pressure hose, domestic high temperature and high pressure hose, coal mine hydraulic support high pressure hose, high temperature and high pressure hose, polyurethane lined high pressure hose, quality assurance, after-sales protection!


High Pressure Silicone Hose FAQs:

How to prevent hydraulic wrench from entering the air?
Operation method of hydraulic wrench 1, according to the size of the preload nut matching hex socket. 2, according to the nut needs to be tightened or loosened requirements, combination ratchet (tighten the nut with the right ratchet, loosen the nut with the left ratchet). 3. Insert the high pressure and low pressure hose with the quick connector into the connection of the wrench and the reversing valve (high pressure 1/4 ", low pressure 3/8 "), and require that after being inserted in place, the outside of the quick connector is inserted. What? Turn an Angle to lock. 4, the reaction rod should rely on the corresponding hex support sleeve or other places that can withstand the reaction force. 5, the size of the Angle of the wrench connecting rod should be controlled within the calibration Angle range of the reaction rod.
What do high pressure hose JB1887 1-18-1800 and 131-2300 mean?
This is a non-standard high pressure hose, the hose generally tells how much the inner diameter, what type of joint, how much length, how many layers, how much mpa pressure.
Can coal mine dust removal high-pressure water gun be applied?
Instructions: 1. Preparation before starting the machine Check whether the nuts and screws are loose before starting the machine. Add No. 30 (Summer) No. 40 oil to the pump eccentric axle box. It is advisable to add one to the center of the oil mark. 2. The outlet water pipe connection connects the quick change joint of the high-pressure hose with the quick change joint on the outlet of the machine; The other end is connected to a connector on the trigger gun. 3, the nozzle selection fan-shaped nozzle can produce fan-shaped jet, small fog horn, strong cleaning force, can be used for large-scale dirt cleaning. Such as cars, buses, trucks, tractors and other various vehicles, ships, vegetable farms and food processing plants.