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High Pressure Rubber Hose Pressure Level

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High Pressure Rubber Hose

High Pressure Rubber Hose Introduction:

High pressure rubber hose is useful in automobile data parts factory, hardware tool forging factory, fragrance factory (physical reaction), wood cylinder, wood pipe factory, singeing factory, etc., involving nutritional food manufacturing; Manufacturing of metal products not listed; Fur tanning and product processing; The manufacture of wine; And so many industries. High pressure tubing according to the production process is mainly divided into high pressure wire braided tubing and high pressure wire wound tubing. High pressure steel wire braided hose operating temperature: oil -40℃ ~ 100℃, air -30℃ ~ 50℃, water emulsion +80℃ below. The outer rubber layer of the hose is seriously deteriorated, and the surface is slightly cracked, which is the performance of natural aging of the hose. Due to aging deterioration, the outer layer is constantly oxidized so that its surface is covered with a layer of ozone, which is thickened with time, and the hose will produce tiny cracks as long as it is slightly bent in use. Vulcanization by canister or salt bath. It is used in mine hydraulic support, oilfield development, engineering construction, lifting and transportation, metallurgy and forging, mining equipment, ships, injection molding machinery, agricultural machinery, various machine tools and mechanization of various industrial departments.

High Pressure Rubber Hose Model:

High Pressure Rubber Hose

High Pressure Rubber Hose Price:

You can consult Hebei Tengshuo company, we will make a reasonable quotation according to your requirements.

High Pressure Rubber Hose Factory:


High Pressure Rubber Hose

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High Pressure Rubber Hose FAQs:

High pressure hose 750par What does it mean?
par is a unit of pressure, 1par=100000pa, 750par=75Mp, that is to say, this high pressure hose can withstand a maximum of 75Mp pressure.
What is the maximum pressure of high pressure hose 16-2 layer wire?
DIN20022 EN853 Standard: 2SN 5/8" (15.9) Working pressure: 250Bar, bursting pressure: 1000Bar; SAE J517 standard: R2AT 5/8" (15.9) Working pressure: 189Bar, bursting pressure: 756Bar;
What brand of hydraulic hose is with good quality?
Hose is not good or bad, only suitable or not suitable. The pipe of agricultural machinery is not used on large construction machinery, on the contrary, the good pipe used on small agricultural machinery is wasted, foreign imported pipes, domestic joint ventures, and domestic manufacturers have survived, so the market is not the same.