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High Temperature High Pressure Steam Hose Standard

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High Temperature High Pressure Steam Hose Standard

High Temperature High Pressure Steam Hose Introduction:

High temperature and high pressure steam hose is useful in semiconductor materials, equipment factories, incense factories, corduroy factories, gas plants, pole rod factories, etc., involving modified automobile manufacturing; Wine, beverage and refined tea manufacturing; Machine parts processing; Starch and starch products manufacturing; And so many industries. In terms of performance, the high pressure hose has good oil resistance, heat resistance and aging resistance, high pressure and excellent pulse performance. The development of offshore and shallow sea oil fields, therefore, the oil industry in addition to the use of drilling tubing, vibration tubing, but also require the use of shallow sea oil pipelines. If the hose is configured on key components, it is recommended to check or replace it regularly. In short, the manufacture of high-pressure tubing uses more equipment, more types of raw materials, and the production process is complex. High pressure tubing according to the production process is mainly divided into high pressure wire braided tubing and high pressure wire wound tubing.

High Temperature High Pressure Steam Hose Model:

High Temperature High Pressure Steam Hose Standard

High Temperature High Pressure Steam Hose Price:

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High Temperature High Pressure Steam Hose Factory:

High Temperature High Pressure Steam Hose Standard

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High Temperature High Pressure Steam Hose FAQs:

How much is the tension of high pressure hose wire 1 mm?
Some steel wire rope factories also produce high pressure hose steel wire, 1850MPa strength level 1 mm diameter tension 1453 Newton, about 148.3 kg China's annual output of 1.8 million tons of steel wire rope ranks first in the world, phosphating steel wire rope is the world's revolutionary innovation in the field of steel wire rope, fully into the era of phosphating coated steel wire rope: 1. Phosphating coated steel wire rope, steel wire through manganese or zinc manganese series phosphating treatment, phosphating film and grease compound action, steel wire wear resistance, corrosion and rust resistance jumped, fatigue life is about 3 times the same structure smooth steel wire rope, fatigue life can be verified through fatigue test, is the upgrade of smooth steel wire rope products.
What do the letters of the high pressure tubing joint type stand for?
Tubing joint drawings and standards: SDL both represent dimensions. The high-pressure oil pipe is a part of the high-pressure oil circuit, requiring the oil pipe to withstand a certain oil pressure and have a certain fatigue strength, to ensure the sealing requirements of the pipeline, the high-pressure oil pipe mainly appears in the high-pressure injection diesel engine, and the high-pressure injection gasoline engine, can withstand the oil pressure required during the operation of the engine. High pressure oil pipe use: oil pipe by wire winding skeleton layer and internal and external oil resistant, corrosion resistant synthetic rubber composed of high pressure, used for construction machinery hydraulic oil pipe, submarine natural gas, oil, irrigation, steel mills, chemical plants and other media transportation.
What is the national standard for more than 4 layers of high pressure hose?
Just done the industrial product production license requirements, the national standard of more than 4 layers is: "GB-T 10544-2003 steel wire winding reinforced outer coated rubber hydraulic rubber hose and hose assembly"