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High Pressure Nylon Hose Specifications

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High Pressure Nylon Hose Specifications:(Guide:IntroductionModelPriceFactoryFAQs

High Pressure Nylon Hose

High Pressure Nylon Hose Introduction:

High pressure nylon wire hose is useful in science and education model factory, slide factory, blueprinting machine factory, trademark printing factory, wool textile factory, etc., involving culture and education, industrial beauty, sports and entertainment supplies manufacturing industry; Manufacturing of diving and underwater rescue equipment; Manufacturing of explosives and pyrotechnic products; Refined tea processing; And so many industries. The hose is broken, and the braided steel wire near the break is rusty. The hose is broken, and the outer rubber layer is peeled off for inspection. Vulcanization by canister or salt bath. If the amount of pressure is too large, the joint and the hose are too tight, which can easily lead to local damage to the inner layer of the hose, resulting in cracks, and the high-pressure oil will enter the wire layer directly from the rupture, and then squirt out to the tail of the jacket along the gap between the wires. Torsion occurs at the rupture of the hose, the reason for this phenomenon is that the hose is caused by excessive torsion during installation or use. Unreasonable joint design and poor processing quality will also cause damage to the inner adhesive. If the joint material is not selected properly, it is easy to deform during the clamping process, which affects the clamping quality and shortens the life of the hose.

High Pressure Nylon Hose Model:

High Pressure Nylon Hose

High Pressure Nylon Hose Price:

You can consult Hebei Tengshuo company, we will make a reasonable quotation according to your requirements.

High Pressure Nylon Hose Factory:

High Pressure Nylon Hose

The company produces high pressure nylon wire hose, automotive high pressure hose, boring machine high pressure hose, LPG high pressure hose, coal mine special high pressure hose, high pressure car wash supporting hose, quality and after-sales are guaranteed.


High Pressure Nylon Hose FAQs:

How many layers of wire high pressure tubing are used for forklifts and hookers? I know the common ones are 19 and 25?
Wire braided hose rarely exceeds 25 mpa. It's best to use a winding one. Diameter 19 of the four-layer wire wound hose can reach 35 mpa 25 tube can reach 28 mpa. Good quality hose can be used to expand the pressure by 1.5 times.
What causes the high pressure hose of the plunger pump to vibrate badly when the excavator is working?
If the oil pressure gauge is installed in the pressure measuring port of the oil pump outlet, you can see that the oil pressure gauge swings up and down. This is because the contact surface of the valve plate and the cylinder body is not smooth, most of them are grinding or manual grinding during maintenance, and the quality of the grinding is problematic. The key is to check whether the center line of the cylinder block and the plane perpendicularity of the cylinder block have changed, and whether the center line of the valve plate and the verticality of the valve plate end face have changed. On the other hand, because the machine is old, the oil pump has been repaired for many times, the plunger cylinder has been ground by the grinder for many times, and the spring elasticity on the cylinder has declined, or the butterfly spring is less installed and other reasons.