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Canvas High Pressure Hose Standard

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Canvas High Pressure Hose

Canvas High Pressure Hose Introduction:

Canvas high-pressure hose is useful in air compressor factory, silk flower, paper flower, plastic flower factory, palace lantern factory, small hydroelectric power station, tung oil, tar factory, etc., involving continuous handling equipment manufacturing; General instrument manufacturing; Plate glass manufacturing; Manufacturing of tobacco products; And so many industries. The amount of deformation (elongation, shortening or bending deformation) of the hose after pressure is large; The poor air tightness of the outer rubber causes corrosion of the steel wire. Do not twist the hose during installation. A slight twist on the hose may reduce its strength and loosen the joint, which should be tightened to the hose rather than the hose to the joint when assembling. For mine hydraulic support, oil field development classification of high pressure steel wire braided tubing product specification range DN6mm ~ DN305mm. Chinese High Pressure Hydraulic Rubber Hose, foreign name high pressure hydraulic rubber hose. However, according to the design principle of high-pressure hose, the Ⅲ layer braided hose does not play any role in the pressure of the hose, wasting materials, increasing the weight of the hose itself, and reducing the flexibility of the hose.

Canvas High Pressure Hose Model:

Canvas High Pressure Hose

Canvas High Pressure Hose Price:

You can consult Hebei Tengshuo company, we will make a reasonable quotation according to your requirements.

Canvas High Pressure Hose Factory:

Canvas High Pressure Hose

Our company specializes in canvas high pressure hose, high pressure hose, cotton high pressure hose, liquefied gas high pressure hose, injection molding machine high pressure hose, boiler steam high temperature and high pressure hose, all kinds, complete supporting parts.


Canvas High Pressure Hose FAQs:

What is the role of cable monorail crane?
Cable monorail crane is a special transportation device used for hanging and moving cable, emulsion high pressure hose and water pipe in fully mechanized mining face of coal mine. Under the roof of one side of the transportation roadway of fully mechanized mining face, the anchor rod and chain are used to hang the suspended track, and all the cables and high pressure hose and water pipe are suspended on the trailer. The working face emulsion pump station is used as the power, and the hydraulic stepping push and pull device composed of oil cylinder and connecting rod is used to realize the cable, high pressure hose and water pipe hanging and moving along the roadway. The cable only needs to be laid once, and the forward and backward movement of the cable only needs to operate the handle, which is convenient and flexible to operate, and greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers. 2
Is there an industry standard for high-pressure hose?
Of course, there are national standards, British and American standards, and German standards.