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Large Bore Drilling Hose Specifications

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Large Bore Drilling Hose Specifications:(Guide:IntroductionModelPriceFactoryFAQs

Large Bore Drilling Hose

Large Bore Drilling Hose Introduction:

Large-diameter drilling high-pressure hose in the shell factory, flavor, fragrance factory (limited to chemical reaction), calcium dioxide factory, carved paint factory, mesh factory (except metal), and other scenes are useful, involving TV manufacturing; Synthetic rubber manufacturing; Manufacturing of household refrigeration electrical appliances; Synthetic fiber manufacturing; And so many industries. Failure at the rupture: the hose is broken at one or more places, the tear is neat, and other parts are maintained well. Type R15 - Multi-layer wire winding high temperature ultra-high pressure tubing under harsh conditions. High pressure hoses are often used in machine tools, automobiles, construction machinery, motorcycles on the high pressure hoses, brake tubing and petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, smelting and other industrial automatic control in the pneumatic instrument line and so on. The high pressure hose has the characteristics of small bending radius, the minimum burst pressure of various hoses is 3 times the working pressure, and the performance of temperature and pressure resistance is excellent. High pressure steel wire braided hose specification range: DN5mm ~ DN102mm.

Large Bore Drilling Hose Model:

Large Bore Drilling Hose

Large Bore Drilling Hose Price:

You can consult Hebei Tengshuo company, we will make a reasonable quotation according to your requirements.

Large Bore Drilling Hose Factory:

Large Bore Drilling Hose

Hebei Tengshuo Rubber Products Co., Ltd. engaged in large diameter drilling high pressure hose, filter press back blow high pressure hose, high temperature and high pressure black hose, miniature high pressure hose, American standard high pressure hose, all kinds, complete supporting parts.


Large Bore Drilling Hose FAQs:

Can the pump be loaded with high pressure?
It is completely possible to convert an ordinary air cylinder into a high-pressure air cylinder, and a high-pressure gas storage chamber must be prepared, and a single intake valve needs to be installed between the gas storage chamber and the air cylinder. In the general sense, the high-pressure pump is one more gas storage chamber than the ordinary pump.
High-pressure hose assembly model: KJR31.5-4-32*1.8 model What is the specific meaning?
31.5 Nominal inner diameter 1-1/4 inches 4 layers of steel wire 4 layers wrapped 32 Maximum working pressure 32MP1.8 Length 1.8m high pressure hose for mining
High pressure hose 151*400/M64*2A What does it mean?
151- should be mislabeled 400- the analysis is length M64*2- connection thread A- sealing method