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Fire Resistant High Pressure Hose Specifications

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Fire Resistant High Pressure Hose Specifications:(Guide:IntroductionModelPriceFactoryFAQs

Fire Resistant High Pressure Hose

Fire Resistant High Pressure Hose Introduction:

Fire-resistant high-pressure hose is useful in chemical and petroleum equipment factory, chalk factory, sports, feather and fur washing factory, mutual inductor factory, etc., involving textile and clothing industry; Synthetic fiber manufacturing; Cement, lime and gypsum manufacturing; Nuclear radiation processing; And so many industries. The inner tube containing the tube core is wound or braided on a winding machine or braiding machine with copper coated steel wire or copper coated steel wire rope. The high pressure hose has the characteristics of small bending radius, the minimum burst pressure of various hoses is 3 times the working pressure, and the performance of temperature and pressure resistance is excellent. The structure of high pressure steel wire winding hose is mainly composed of inner rubber layer, middle rubber layer, four or multiple layers of alternately winding steel wire reinforcement layer and outer rubber layer. The extruder is again coated with the outer layer of rubber, and then wrapped with lead or cloth vulcanization protective layer. However, according to the design principle of high-pressure hose, the Ⅲ layer braided hose does not play any role in the pressure of the hose, wasting materials, increasing the weight of the hose itself, and reducing the flexibility of the hose.

Fire Resistant High Pressure Hose Model:

Fire Resistant High Pressure Hose

Fire Resistant High Pressure Hose Price:

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Fire Resistant High Pressure Hose Factory:

Fire Resistant High Pressure Hose

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Fire Resistant High Pressure Hose FAQs:


高压胶管245Bar中的Bar是压强单位,1巴(bar)=100千帕(KPa)=10牛顿/平方厘米=0.1MPa;1帕是1帕斯卡的简称,就是一平方米受到一牛顿的压力。在工程上仍在沿用公斤力这个单位,1公斤力等于9.80665牛顿,由此得到工程大气压: 1工程大气压=1公斤力/平方厘米=0.967841大气压=98066.5帕斯卡 毫米汞柱也是一种常用的压强单位,由1毫米汞柱产生的压力定义的压强单位为托

What is the selection principle for pump hose?
Hose pump hose usually has 5 kinds of materials: natural rubber, nitrile rubber, EPDM rubber, Hyperon, fluorine rubber. 1, natural rubber usually transport alkaline substances, the strongest wear resistance. 2, nitrile rubber usually transport oily substances, wear resistance is also relatively strong. 3, EPpropylene diene rubber usually transport acid and alkali corrosive substances, but the material is soft, wear resistance is generally 4, hyperdragon usually transport chemical solvents, wear resistance is general, the price is relatively high 5, fluorine rubber resistance to most chemical corrosion, wear resistance is also strong, but the price is expensive, the current domestic hose can not meet the requirements of industrial applications, Internationally, only the Swedish Albin company can do all of them
What does high pressure hose 245bar mean?
The Bar in the high pressure hose 245Bar is the pressure unit, 1 bar =100 KPa =10 Newton/square centimeter =0.1MPa; One bar is short for one PASCAL, which is a square meter under a pressure of one Newton. In engineering, the unit of kilogram force is still used, and 1 kilogram force is equal to 9.80665 Newtons, which gives the engineering atmospheric pressure: 1 engineering atmospheric pressure =1 kilogram force/square centimeter =0.967841 atmospheric pressure =98066.5 pascals of millimeter mercury is also a commonly used unit of pressure, and the pressure unit defined by the pressure generated by 1 millimeter mercury is the pressure unit